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Variety of olives oil

Variety of olives oil : "Chetoui"

« Chetoui », variety of olives oil, also called « Baldi », is a variety grown in coastal areas, valleys, the highlands of the North. It occupies 15% of the olive growing area located mainly in the north of Tunisia namely Jendouba, Bizerte, Siliana and Zaghouan. It is considered the second most important olive oil variety in Tunisia after the « Chemlali » variety. Chetoui olive trees grown in “gold domain” enjoy optimum sunshine and a temperate climate thanks to its proximity to Oued Medjerda.

It dominates the Northern groves of Tunisia. The oil of this variety has a percentage of saturated fatty acids much lower than that of chemlali variety which makes it liquid. Chetoui gives a fruity oil with intense aromas of green almonds and artichokes accompanied by a bitter and pungent taste which is appreciated by consumers.

Variety of olives Oil

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