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Origin of olives oil

Origin of olives oil La Perle D'or

Origin of olives oil is very old. The Gold domain produces a monovarietal extra virgin olive oil “La perle d’or” of intense green color from the famous Tunisian variety Chétoui. It is cold extracted from our olives which are picked by hand with care and affection by women proud of picking olives. The extraction of the oil is done within 4 hours of cold picking at room temperature to have an oil that is closest to olives and preserving the maximum nutritional and organoleptic virtues of the fruit. Although this negatively affects the yield of the extraction, we managed to have an oil with a very low acidity of the order of 0.18 and a low peroxide index to classify our oil as an extra virgin olive oil. It is one of the vegetable oils richest in oleic acid, vitamin E, and antioxidants.

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